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  • With not high, moderate on the line

    This year mix and match the wind menacing, skirt with shoes, subversion of the skirt must be with high heels is so beautiful traditional concept, but also people energetically open, heels greater than 5 cm have feminine? No! Shoes with the high, the key is whether it is suitable for your temperament, characteristics and overall dress. Thin high-heel is like a weapon, strong lethality, exudes attractive charm, but too sharp momentum is actually limited, moderate heel can attend a lot of occasions, in the heel to do The article can also attract the eye, the metal material with a small low-color bright, hollow shape is very texture, better than high heels Oh!

    Shoes and then fashionable, but also around a principle: comfortable. Must wear high heels, try slope is also good, from the health point of view, wedge shoes than the same cheap jordans online height of high heels, more conducive to walking, nude color will make the legs become more slender in the visual. Put on a high high heels, the walk will be graceful temperament surge, but if it is already tall girl, and then to pedal a pair of high-hate days, not only did not hold the chest, but rather staggering like stilts, watching It is counterproductive. Steadily stepped on a moderate high shoes, the heart of prison, it will not affect the image. Clothes can modify the posture, foot shape can also be a big change through the shoes. Feet in the set with bright stones under the thin belt becomes more slender, looks looks very delicate, the new crystal with the shoes rose several levels, closer to the tall. Shoes can be combined with the long skirt, flat shoes on the scope of the greatly increased, practical and comfortable, feet do not have to torture, why not? Worried about the hot words, the upper breathable yarn can be a good heat, but also take into account the fashion beautiful. With the rough with the corresponding pointed, to avoid the fine with the tip of the discord, rough and stable, like a solid strong backing, the front of the tip to enjoy it, to eliminate the whole shape will not be unbalanced concerns, with Skirt is quite elegant with Fan children.

    Do not worry about shoelaces trouble, slim lace is also a decoration for the whole pair of shoes icing on the cake, but also reflects the owner clean and tidy side, thin pondering about flat heels, it contains a lot of meaning, the total Have the appropriate style with your different clothing.

    2017-03-25 14:00:48
  • Retro beauty shoes to help you wear clothing fashion sense of the interpretation of the British retro style

    Retro shoes have always been a sister to fall to love not to one of the popular single product, and because he was just warm, very suitable for autumn and winter wear. Oxford patent leather school small leather shoes not only rich flavor, but also allows you to remember the past, wear at the foot of shiny bright, people feel the atmosphere and not monotonous, is a great choice for leisure.

    British retro pointed women's shoes with a sense of the times, wearing a loose foot at cheap jordans for sale the foot is not crowded feet, while there is a sense of fashion, so many sister wear a very tide is very young feeling, so you have the same sense of freedom of the wind. Retro rough with round shoes, the color smooth and glossy, wear fashion and can be tall and tall, with the clothes can be diversified, with a variety of colors are very beautiful, people shines Oh.

    Flat round round Martin boots, shoes, small round design, a sense of space to make more comfortable to wear, followed by a comfortable low with low design with the feet even if the long walk will not tired feet, soles special anti-skid wear processing, So that the shoes more durable! Short side of the women's knight shoes, retro style is very strong, this style take the black tights can look tall girls tall, if with a pair of jeans with a sense of movement and with sense, and wear more warm , Can better protect the foot Oh

    2017-03-25 13:53:20
  • Legs are also short legs In fact, you just missing a pair of high heels

    Spring to the time, but also to the season when changing clothes for shoes! Today we come to recommend a few high heels it. Do you know what kind of heels you want to choose? If the election will appear legs and thin and long, if the wrong choice, not only does not look good and easy to walk is also easy to Wei foot Choose high heels, but also a door to learn, be sure to choose their own, otherwise the girls will not stand the delicate feet. Personality of the toe design, clean and neat, simple yet elegant, saturating and rich temperament, fashion design comfortable inside, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture, followed by artificial physiology design, so that the whole pair of shoes more aesthetic and comfortable Degree, non-slip soles, wear a solid, toe and side hit color stitching, is the whole pair of shoes features, super ride, dating, shopping, work, wear out their own style.

    Retro trend strong struck, stylish charm people can not stop, choose light of the suede material, delicate texture, between the foot of the hair, accompanied by simple rough with the design, elegant and comfortable, beautiful colors, new style, Type, on the foot is very nice, with its simple, shape your Variety modeling, with skirts and pants are great Oh. Tentacles of the texture of the sheep? Leather, giving a high-end atmosphere of the luxury experience, combined with the retro trend of frosted design, fashionable and new, to your attire show points to show the extraordinary unique taste, well-designed word buckle embellishment, spatial level Feeling strong, reflecting the high sexy posture, the whole filled with a thick romantic style, elegant and charming sexy high-heeled, 10cm elegant height to meet the ergonomic principles, lengthening the legs line.

    Round the last type, so that the toe arc-shaped, for the toes to leave enough space to wear comfortable, high-quality soles let you walk in what the ground can cope with the pearl chain chain of clothing embellishment, more A bit sweet and charming, high-heeled excellent modified leg type, very sexy, gas field full of high-strength high-heeled design, do not worry about walking instability. The shape of the last type, the classic wild, PU material, easy care, selected inside design, comfortable breathable not smelly feet, elegant steel pipe with female legs highlight the elegant curve, 9cm high-heeled design can show your confidence and sexy , Gun color and brown two, with jeans, dress dress is very beautiful Oh.

    Delicate and uniform Korea imported suede material, breathable and comfortable, high-end appearance of the atmosphere, toe shine Czech diamond drill, rich refraction surface, blooming glittering, highlight the aristocratic temperament, version of super-correct, walking is not tired feet, hollow sexy diamond Of the tall, and instantly enhance the overall temperament, the foot was white was thin. Featured high-quality materials, soft texture, toe round design, to be comfortable height, so that your feet as if walking the clouds, feel calm, inside selected from the most comfortable, breathable fabric, insoles with magic shock in the end of the jordan 13 design, height Feet, breathable excellence, soles unique anti-skid design, so that the soles of the grip is more solid, suede, leather surface of the two materials to meet all your needs shoes are very nice, the color is very liner white, but also small feet , Shoes wear more comfortable, ankle lace design, wearing a very feminine Oh, the shoes are very good quality, pointed models are also great, wear it seems thin feet, black, apricot, dark green, classic wild And Western style of the color, casually with a skirt or pants can be beautiful do not want to.

    2017-03-24 14:11:02
  • Beautiful and unique pair of shoes to accompany you through the most beautiful spring

    Recently, it is a good time to market spring shoes, many brands have launched a large number of promotional activities, prepared this several spring shoes, make you the whole spring are beautiful different. At any time can not forget the beautiful thin heels. A light-colored equipment with a pair of bright-colored high-heeled, smart child care machine to make your success jordans for sale become the focus. Bold choice of splicing color, jump color design seems personality and refined.

    Although high heels is essential for every woman, but the degree of comfort is far less than flat shoes. If the fear of flat shoes appears to be short, choose pointed shoes can avoid this embarrassment, revealing a large area of ??the instep, not only refreshing but also elongated leg lines. If you worry about flat shoes is too short, do not want to wear tiring thin high heel, may wish to try retro elegant heels. A bit with the tie shoes is very suitable for commuter, elegant and generous, do not have style. Shoes, strap design to make it a little more delicate and playful, with wide leg pants fashion, with OL trousers are also the same Western style.

    Linen cloth weaving shoes soft and comfortable breathable, just the warmest weather is most suitable for all day wear is not afraid of the foot will be tired. With the same color of the jeans or coat, thick holiday style. In addition to with jeans, this is known for comfortable shoes with cotton trousers, even more casual and comfortable. Wear a pair of good shoes, accompany you through the most beautiful spring, in the warm sun into the most beautiful scenery it.

    2017-03-23 13:50:58
  • Black leather with little advice for shoes
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