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  • Casual shoes for the spring to add enchanting sense

    Casual shoes has always been the stars of the pursuit of a single product fashion, no matter what season, put it to give people a comfortable and casual fashion sense, like a step on the carpet, soft and comfortable Jiaoren intoxicated, the girls will be the perfect fashion show , In this season fashion wild, meticulous match, easy to wear out the trend of fashion flavor, highlighting the feminine. Spring shoes for the crush is a casual dress is the best dress, and now, casual shoes has become the trend of fashion elements, not only fashionable and age, so that all girls are in love with the Korean version of flat shoes, simple atmosphere version, not Will make you feel like wearing a bloated, simple design is highlights the pure vitality, the distribution of young vigor, filling the little feminine. Fashion personality flat shoes, beautiful cheap jordans and stylish, to create elegant fashion modeling, wild models of breathable shoes, a good outline of the perfect lines of women, comfortable atmosphere of the style, comfortable and temperament, whether it is a single wear or with a small pants are Beautiful, enjoy the beauty of the slender figure to create a sweet atmosphere of the woman Fan.

    For such a refreshing spring, crush on the need for a fashionable personality of the casual shoes to highlight the charm, to create a different style, for the spring jordan 11 to add a warm touch of sunshine, fresh and elegant shape, gives a clean and neat fashion sense With the style is to give you a soft and comfortable wearing experience, fashion personality cross strap design, lighting the overall temperament. Simple atmosphere of casual shoes, showing the sexy fashion atmosphere, clever lace design, it is added a sexy fashion temperament, highlighting the feminine personality, unique flat, but also outline the distinctive temperament, filling Atmosphere chic style, highlighting sexy cautious.

    Handsome fashionable canvas shoes, filling the atmosphere of simple fashion temperament, shaping the elegant fashion feminine, lace design, it is highlights the delicate and capable temperament, within the higher version of the type, but also show cheap jordans for sale charming posture, There are temperament, the woman will show all the advantages of the most incisive, elongated body proportions, filling the woman handsome. A stylish and elegant shoes, highlight the elegant atmosphere of the feminine, comfortable version of the type, it is necessary for sports, to create elegant handsome shape, cartoon graffiti version type, it is perfect show different kind of style, free Wild shape, so that you are more atmospheric in the spring capable, show charming posture. Casual shoes have always been a symbol of spring and autumn fashion, fashion classic, fashion ring an indispensable part of its light and durable, even in the hot summer, it also shows a unique Variety of portability.

    2017-03-30 14:31:48
  • Petite girls wear dress + flat shoes, even more high?

    As a petite girl, not to the spring and summer wear skirt season, are we worry about the time friends. For tall girls, wear short skirts more big long legs, wear long skirts are also completely hold live, for our petite sister who, dress can not touch the pain, short skirts have to Accompanied by high heels to see! Most of the petite girl may feel that only wear high heels to hold up the beauty of the skirt, but too high heels more obvious exposure to our height defects, not as a pair of flat shoes to the light and comfortable, that petite girls How to wear a dress + flat shoes was high it?

    Waist line of importance, I do not need Xiao Bian stressed that we all know. When we look at a person wearing a whole image, the waist is an important point! For petite girl, this no waist jordan shoes of the baby equipment, must refuse. Does it wear it, do not you see your waist? High waist dress is petite girl exclusive ah, skirt high waist design, from the visual stretch of your overall sense of lines, to create a slender slender figure, with it with flat shoes, both waist and long leg! In fact, the collar design of clothes and dress when the importance of the waist is the same! Appropriate dew skin is also a secret increase was thin. Xiao Bian's meaning is not to let you wear exposed Oh (laughing). Petite girls wearing a skirt, try to expose the shoulder, arms and ankles, you can avoid the dress to submerged Oh ~

    Petite girls wearing a dress + flat shoes with the dress when the collar is particularly important! The best choice is v collar type of dress, you can help air jordan you stretch the neck lines, giving the slightest feeling, with the flat shoes naturally more tan look good friends. Petite girls, in the choice of dress must also pay special attention to Oh! Especially when wearing a dress + flat shoes with such a large area of ??color will be your body is divided into a cut, even if you are wearing high heels, it is a visual disaster, not to mention flat Shoes! If the colorful dress is a disaster, that pure color dress is a petite girl salvation! Solid color can give us from the foot of the vertical extension of the visual effects, for the increase was significantly thin effect is great.

    If you really like the dress + Flats mix, then pointed shoes are a must! No matter how perfect your dress cut proportion, a pair of shoes will make mistakes ruined! The most foolproof shoes flat pointed shoes is our choice! One pair of pointed jordans for sale flat shoes, because it pointed design sought after by everyone! It is not only the perfect modified our feet, but also has some effect on our extended leg line, so it is definitely a petite girl wears a dress of choice + flat shoes Oh!

    2017-03-30 14:30:26
  • Save MM big feet, shoes, such as pick the shoes

    It is easy to put a long holiday, the big feet MM who certainly entangled in this rare trip, in the end whether or not for the beautiful, wearing a pair of feminine shoes suffered a single, or honestly wear a pair of ordinary sports shoes? In particular, can understand the beauty of MM beauty, do a woman really hard, fingers to heart, that kind of shoes are not fit the feeling of squeeze, really too pain! But also born in the modern, if born in the ancient, need to wrap feet is not more sin? And the big feet to wear shoes is not difficult to solve the problem, the shoes are not necessarily every pair of suitable, pick on the style, so that you have to wear every pair of feet, eliminating the need to wear feet, squeeze foot trouble. Big feet of the MM, the width of the soles of the feet relative to the ordinary soles of the feet, to be slightly wider, that is, horizontal size is relatively large, and there are some big feet of the MM, but also accompanied by the high back of the problem, so when the selection of shoes to pay special attention, Otherwise the shoes are not fit, easy to squeeze the toes. So, big feet MM should choose what kind of shoes?

    It is because the soles of the feet are large, the requirements of the shoe toe, the space as far as possible to choose some of the wide, pointed shoes toe too pointed, easy to let the five toes are oppressed together to increase the burden of toes. While the round toe, curvature more fit ergonomic, toe space is large enough, so more suitable for big wear MM wear. Round shape comfortable curvature, to expand the internal space fingers do not squeeze. Thicker 0.5cm small floral soft pad feet moisture perspiration, moderate with the height of the overall dress to enhance the temperament, wearing full confidence. Retro brown glossy good, any style of clothing are suitable for wear. If you feel the color of the shoes more dull, to wear a pair of bright pile of piles socks, rich level to improve the value, with wide leg pants, dresses, linen dress, especially Mori women temperament. Shoes made of high quality whole piece of leather production, soft and delicate leather, good tensile strength, so no need to worry about the shoes is not fit, not easy to wrinkle. Retro Bullock carved, fusion color design, unique metallic luster texture, highlight the elegant fashion magic, wearing a considerable pull the wind. The toe not only made a round design, and the toe slightly upturned, the side looks very three-dimensional, the key is the trot, the toes will not withstand the pain of the toe, very comfortable.

    Wear high heels on the pressure of the arch is very large, from the figure is not difficult to see, high heels to the heel lift, the entire arch to mention, resulting in the body forward, if the wear is full of foot shoes, toes As the body forward, the toes to the front of the head, long so, not only damage to the toenails, toes and feet are not favorable, so it is recommended to wear flat shoes, or loose pants. Although it is thick bottom heel, but is flat Oh, no slope, walking particularly stable. Fluffy ear shape, especially Q Meng special jordans for cheap selling Meng Oh! Hair ball and help face with 100% pure Rex Rabbit material, warm and very sweet. With short paragraph coat and wide leg pants, full of Japanese Sen female Fan, let your girl heart bursting! Shallow mouth design, just exposed exquisite ankle and instep, stretching leg lines, looks legs and long and thin.

    Comfortable breathable sheepskin inside, summer wear will not foot smell Oh! The key is particularly soft soles, how can pull can, and constantly bottom! And rubber outsole skid, pregnant women can also wear, how to jump tap are particularly smooth, especially for travel, shopping sweep goods, all high heels can not access the place it is enough, there is no requirement on the ground limitations. But also very easy with clothing Oh, skirt, small pants, trousers pants can be, Variety of a variety of shapes.

    2017-03-29 14:21:48
  • Wear lace shoes, can not stop the sweet and elegant temperament!

    More than two straps of shoes, whether it is fixed, or can be with your mood, wrapped around your favorite style, glowing elegant sexy atmosphere at the same time, but also easy to focus on modeling here, light you Charming innocent girl temperament. And finally to the spring you can wear friends, Xiao Biao conceal the excitement of the mood quickly Amway to everyone! Suede high heels, cross fine straps wrapped around the feet and ankles, sketched out the soft lines, heel 5-8 cm high, wearing a tall and comfortable, gray look of intellectual elegance, black temperament wild, no matter Pants or skirts, with this pair of shoes, all charm unlimited. Rough with the velvet shoes, inside and insoles are sheepskin, soft and good texture, shallow mouth + slim cross strap together, so that shoes look elegant and girls temperament is superb, heel side of the diamond mosaic, the shoes Decorate the chic and decent, pink, sapphire blue two optional, not to be missed.

    Suede pointed high heels, elegant fashion, cross the fine strap and heel with the bow design, so that shoes with more soft feminine taste at the same time, more convenient to walk, so wear a single shoes with the foot of the MM can control, 5 -8 cm thin high-heeled, feminine just right, height is also just right; black, red two optional. Suede shallow shoes, hollow can reveal the charming foot lines, pointed and cross the strap together, to modify the elegant feminine, rough with the shoes to wear comfortable atmosphere, leisure and commuter wear can meet , Wild three colors can be selected, or you choose the color of the missing? Flat cashmere matte shoes, texture is good temperament, cross straps and multi-colored hair ball together, the shoes are decorated with sweet and stylish with a slight sexy, black, yellow two, with a good match, but also You lively Smart romantic feelings, whether with a skirt or pants, are very out of color Oh. Cute to a burst of a single shoe, leather texture is very durable, flat bottom of the solid color to the shoes and comfortable atmosphere, bronze and tin gray two, all comes with a soft literary range of children, with the supernatural pure line Wear, not more Fan children. Led the rough with a single shoes, simple and elegant, and therefore also wild classic, pointed style to the dignified type into the charming woman temperament, not afraid to wear a stiff lack of spirit, cross strap is to add a lot of elegant temperament, White, black two, leisure and commuter can get.

    Leather low-heeled shoes, shallow mouth pointed out can not stop the charm of women, slender cross straps, but also enhance the retro soft romantic temperament, no matter what to wear, gorgeous or elegant and let the shape revealed infinite charm , Leisure and commuter wear can have a good temperament; four colors can choose, always have your most heart section. Pointed shallow mouth high heels, sheepskin matte texture quality level, more than 8 cm high heel, but also to the shoes feminine and gas jordans for cheap field both, black cross strap, you can freely around the ankle, it is fashionable elegance, with Wide leg pants, skirt is the charm can be infinite Square with the Baotou shoes, after the empty design like slippers, put on a very casual and there is an unruly free and easy range of children, 3-5 cm heel, wearing comfortable and can bring some tall and straight temperament, thin Lace tied to the ankle, add a woman tenderness, white, red two, are the same hook people. Sheepskin black frosted high heels, more than 8 cm fine super high heel, put on the tall and feminine, cross straps and foot ring strap together, so that the original simple mouth shallow heels look in detail, fun with a foot, spring with a wide Leg pants, skirt beauty friends. Suede flat shoes, hollow design is more slender and delicate foot, feet cross the fine strap, close to the skin, skin white and temperament, strap naturally wrapped in the ankle, labeled as a bow, with nine pants , Skirt, can not be more beautiful friends; black, apricot two optional.

    2017-03-29 14:12:04
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